Spanish: High egg prices prompt residents to grow chickens in backyards

I pitched this story idea to my team after noticing the rising egg prices in Houston. I was able to interview a local business owner from a famous Hispanic flea market on the spot. She agreed to speaking in front of the camera. I shot, edited, and wrote my own script for this package.

Spanish: The Taqueria #4 attracted national attention after experiencing two robberies in less than a week

In this package, I interviewed a business owner who made national news after a robber was shot and killed at his location. A few days after, the Taqueria experienced a second robbery. After the interview, I wrote a voice over script. This video was the first package to be published on the newspaper's YouTube account, after three years. 

My Internship Experience at KPRC 2

In 2022, I participated in KPRC 2's News Internship program for a second time, where I was given the opportunity to create my own packages. Besides creating general news stories, I also documented my experience. 

After getting approval, I started my video from scratch, wrote my own script, contacted and scheduled times to interview sources, videotaped the interviews, shot my own b-roll, and edited the final copy. Before my final submission, I received constructive criticism from producers and reporters to improve my script and storytelling skills.

This experience taught me that there's different ways to tell a single story. Also, I learned the importance of walking viewers from beginning to end visually and audibly. My final video also became my submission for our Intern Newscast. 

Houston Drought Affects Home Foundation

This package was done one the field, while working alongside a photographer and reporter. I wrote my script and was able to go through the process of doing a stand-up in real-time. Working on this story allowed me to think on my feet and work creatively under pressure to meet that day's deadlines.

Anchoring Clip Sample

This clip is part of an intern Newscast produced entirely by interns. I learned to read the news while managing my own teleprompter. Additionally, I collaborated with the intern producer, entertainment and sports reporter to turn in a final news program.