My Story

Bilingual Digital Writer with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship

I studied Journalism at the University of Houston’s Jack J. Valenti School of Communication, with a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship. I enjoy learning and working in all things that involve technology, media, writing and business. While I've been able to practice my passion working as a journalist in different news stations, I've also used my business skills to start my own photography business.

Communication, Journalism

My excitement for Journalism began when I experienced the power of storytelling after reading Anne Frank's diary. The diary taught me that stories have power, but most importantly that they continue to live through generations. Since then, I knew I wanted to combine my passion for media and storytelling.

As a production assistant, I learned that technology plays a huge part when transmitting messages and information. After I learned to use editing software programs, I hit the ground running and filmed my first story about Houston Community College's internship program. Later, I received a “Certificate of Recognition” for the video package.

Through my experience of publishing news stories for Click2Houston's website, writing blogs for a marketing agency, and working on extensive research assignments, I have learned that each platform uses different styles to communicate its messages. 

Technology Entrepreneurship

I've always considered myself an entrepreneur because of my initiative spirit. I used to think I could only choose one title, either a Journalist or a business owner -- then one day my mentor told me, “you can do both.” With that mindset, I began offering creative photography services to families, couples, and event hosts. 

As a photographer, I have been able to photoshoot and build relationships with many individuals in the Houston area. I have worked through the challenges of sending contracts, setting appointments, and creating systems to batch edit. The entrepreneurial path has taught me that having a strong team is valuable and that growth is continuous.

Additionally, in the entrepreneurship program at UH, I wrote a thorough business plan for a frames company, and I created a successful mock-up dot-com business alongside team members. With the skills I gained, I am able to forecast a company's success and potential failures. 

Aside from Journalism and Photography, you can find me hanging out with my family, learning about the latest media trends, or working on digital projects!